Suggestion on future aircraft exterior models

Hey everyone,

So after taking a look at the recent reworked commercial aircraft in the IF fleet I’ve noticed a few things about the exterior 3D model of the aircraft - the fine micro details are excellent for some parts of the aircraft (eg. the landing gears) but the macro details are missing for the other parts (eg. A350 cockpit windows, 777 wings).

Now I’m sure that this has been pointed out at some level already, but I’d just like to put some images here so you get a clear comparison. Also, I know the 3D artists work very hard to bring the 2D planform sketches to live, and while I do appreciate the work, I cannot help but proffer some suggestions.

Here is a shot of a 777-200ER wing view in real life:

And here is the IF version:

Now, I’m sure you would agree that there are marked differences between the 2 photos, and it gets more extreme with the 300ER (and the variants with the same wing). They are not because of different camera angles. The 3D model is just, well, quite different. IRL version:

IF version:

The most glaring thing from the photos would probably be the angle the flap track fairings make with the wings, and as a frequent flier in Y (and with many of those being in the 777), the angles are too small. Others have also pointed out that the wings are a little too thick in the wrong areas, sit too high, or are just missing the “look of the 777”.

These are what I mean by the macro details. They are hard to get right, I acknowledge. Even sketches (without the help of a tracing tool) will require multiple corrections before the “look of the wing” is present. And to nail it? It would require a lot of practise and hard work.

The best analogy I can draw is with human faces. You can get all the tiny details right in a sketch of a person, but to get the “look” of the person down is really not easy. A slight deviation in positioning, wrong proportions, and the sketch is immediately off. And everyone can tell it’s off. It’s instant. We’ve developed this sense over many years of evolution. And well, it’s the same for aircraft. One look and someone who has been staring for years will tell you whether it matches the real thing. Or not.

In contrast, take a look at the 777 gear on IF:

The micro details - the detailing, are superb. I must say when I first saw the models (and this trend is consistent with the newer reworks) I was very impressed. But then I zoom out and wonder whether all this detail is necessary if the look of the aircraft isn’t right. I mean, there’s really not much use painstakingly shading the ears when the face just looks different from the actual person.

That’s not to say that I don’t want detail in the gears. I just want more time to be committed to ensuring that glaring details are fixed and settled before moving onto finer ones.

The 777 wings are not the only example of this. The cockpit, engines, flaps etc. all have models that are just off. This is present to some extent in other recently fully reworked aircraft too. And I’m sure that anyone who has looked at them for long enough would agree with me.

In contrast, I’d like to point out that the artists have done an amazing job with the 757, which has the “look” of the 757. The wing view very closely matches the one in real life (well, at least with the flaps up). The aircraft also performs closely as to what the FCOM specifies, in almost all stages of flight. It is truly, a joy to fly. Pair this with a very nice excel “flight parameters calculator that has been complied by @Tep_NEMO based on FCOM data and you get an unparalleled experience. (And this is why I almost exclusively fly the 757 in IF)

Again, I know this is a tall order, and one that well, might be somewhat hit or miss. But I suggest this - more previews of the aircraft in the early stages so the community can suggest changes, and the artists can make amendments. Much like what was done with the 777 cockpit windows. And of course, to really pause and take time to check if the model matches real life. I think most of us out there wouldn’t mind waiting an extra few weeks for the details to be ironed out, since it seems that once the update ships, we won’t get major changes to the exterior model till the next rework. And here’s to hoping that the A330 will be as good, if not better, than the 757!

Do let me know your thoughts on this issue. Cheers and thanks for reading :)

P.s. The photos from real life were take off Google, with a simple search of 777 wing view etc.


Very good analogy! I’d agree with you to some extent, the only part i’d disagree on is the implication that everything has to be realistic, now, i’m not saying that’s what you intended to portray but that’s just what i felt you implied, and as this is a mobile game things will be quite off as sometimes it’s either impossible, too pain staking or even that it takes too much time and they have other more major things to work on. Once again, it’s great hearing your POV, kudos!

P.S i agree the 757 is a sight for sore-eyes ;)

That’s true, I understand that the devs will indeed have to compromise on certain areas. The final decision is up to them. Thanks for your comments!

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Yes I noticed this too, I hadn’t yet thought of making a topic on it but I do agree with you, the 777 wings in IF just don’t look like the 777 wings in IF. However I do understand that the devs and all the people that help them bring all the new features and updates to the game are trying to produce a image that’s so realistic all in the palms of our hands. Although I do think it is possible to get the “777 look” and I don’t think the community would mind waiting a few weeks or a few months to get the best image possible.

Yes, I for one wouldn’t mind giving feedback on things that don’t (to my eyes) seem right. Even if I may be wrong, it would at least prompt them to re-check the models. But we need the images from the artists to make any suggestions of course.

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