Suggestion: IF Mobile Forum

Staff should look into making an IF forum official app. What do you guys think?

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If you’re on iOS you can make it into a shortcut. I think there’s one in development right now. The forum is owned by discourse, not IF.


You could just create a shortcut unless you’re looking for push notifications.


Sam, a member of the core Discourse team, is working on an app for both Android and iOS. The purpose of this app is mobile push notifications. Whenever you receive a notification, you would receive a notification on your mobile devices.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the app you’re looking for though. I’m going to presume you’re talking about an app that is exactly the same as the web version of Discourse? I don’t see much point in that as it would be exactly the same.


How about tapatalk linking?

We’re going to stay with Discourse for the time being. I don’t think linking is a good idea, or viable for that matter.


I agree - I think Discourse is really nice actually. I do agree with Discourse by not having multiple pages and just having scroll downs - it matches the ‘Infinite’ in Infinite Flight! A mobile app would be nice though so keep working Sam!

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Not like the web. Something similar to tapatalk but more concentrated in our forum. Push notifications would be nice. Also, I think it would easier more user friendly when it comes to adding pictures, videos, etc.

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