Suggestion: General Chat Page

It would be awesome if we had a page simply for chatting. It is really tough to have to create a topic for every little thing we want to talk about. For example: if I hear a funny aviation joke and want to share it with the community, I can’t make an entire topic to just dedicated to that joke. Just an idea.

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Hey buddy. Unfortunately this is a duplicate. Check out the thread above. :)

Not sure if you mean on the forum though.

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I don’t mean for the game. I mean for the forum.

Glad I edited my response. When your TL3, you unlock a lounge. A general chat page would defeat the purpose of this forum since it’s only infinite flight based.


Ok got it. But why should it be dedicated only for TL3?

It’s more of something to unlock as a thanks for your dedication toward the forum probably and only for a select amount of people so it doesn’t defeat the purpose of the forum.

Personally, I don’t know. I believe it mostly is to do with trust and, as mentioned above, a little gift since you would’ve worked hard for the privilege of Regular.

But isn’t the purpose of the forum to talk with people about aviation?

I feel like a general chat page would get ruined by people being inappropriate/offended, etc.

The format of this website is very formal.

The lounge is moderated but is more laid back. If it’s crazy off topic mods close it.

Trust… isn’t that what mods are for? To filter out inappropriate material?

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If you gave a public chat to the 40K people here this forum would turn into a discord server and moderation would have to be very very big for that.

I guess a lot of people would just clog up the forum with unnecessary non-IF related stuff.

Adding on, if you want to speak privately to a group of people about off topic things or chat do it through a PM.

@Asher @Asher true dat.

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Would it be against community rules to create a chat thread?

Yes but what if you jaunt want to chat about things non- Infinte Flight related with everyone🤔

There are plenty of other websites where you can just chat randomly. It’s an Infinite Flight forum, not a random chat forum.


This is a aviation related forum with Infinite Flight as it’s primary focus.

A forum is a very different thing compared to a chat service like Slack, Discord etc etc. That’s why we can’t and won’t have it :)