Suggestion for the new photo/video category

I think it would be a good idea to have photo and video threads only appear when you select the specific category so it does not clog up the forum. I’m guessing this is possible though I’m not 100% sure.



sorry I may not have understood your requests well, but if it is a topic to publish the photos that you take during the game at a glance here
and if it’s the real life photo, it already exists

He is not asking for the thread, he is asking for the photo thread to not show up unless you select the category.


I would honestly like something like that, would really declutter and help organization!

Maybe have ability to only show very active topics or topics with over 50 likes(from photo video thread)?

I agree, if it keeps up at the rate of the thread that’s 50ish new topics a day, that’s a lot for one thing, unless I’m underestimating other categories…


I just mute it, solves the problem for me.

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What I did was mute the category. The topics won’t show up in your general feed on the home page, but you will be able to view them by navigating to the category itself.


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