Suggestion for making a flight plan at the IF

Hello community, which app or website do you recommend to me to make the Infinito Flight flight plan (since the procedures have been updated)? Before someone asks me “I can’t subscribe to the Simbrief”.

Simbrief is free and all you need to do is create a login. I personally use simbrief and flightaware.

Edit: However if you want the latest airac cycle, then you will have to pay a couple dollars.

I always check FlightRadar24 for a realistic flight, then I put in the information into for the flight details and plug them into infinite flight.

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just to add, after generating the Simbrief flight plan, you can download a “Google KML” and go to IF Flightplan Tools | KML to FPL under the “KML to FPL” page to download a .fpl file for one-tap flight planning

I have a Simbrief login, but the Infinite Flight procedures have been updated, right?! The procedures at Simbrief are out of date, that is, I will have to pay €8.62 to update for a month, as I don’t have the financial conditions to subscribe for a month of Simbrief

I typically copy paste, but both ways work

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I dont either, but the trick behind it is let’s say you have a GUPPER2B approach somewhere, but you see GUPPER2C and not 2B on infinite flight. Well chances are the approach got updated in between airac cycles and the name got changed from 2B to 2C yet the approach for the most part is the same.

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Here’s a good one👇

You can use simbrief to make the plan and when entering it in the IF use the current procedures available.

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