Suggestion for improving "Ground Control"

Everyone likes to be an Air Traffic Controller. If I were to guess, the ATC position with the highest demand among controllers is Tower Control. Ground control is either picked up by the tower, or picked up by someone after there is a controller operating the tower. When someone is controlling ground, and there are lots of airplanes (KLAX for example), it’s hard to tell by looking at the ATC map if someone is on a taxiway or on the grass, unless you switch to the visual mode and physically look to see where an airplane is. Here is my suggestion to improve Ground Control: ground control needs an “airport diagram” style map of the airport. Currently, it has the runways drawn up and that’s it. I think if Infinte Flight came out with an update for ground that draws out the parking ramps, taxi ways and terminal parking spots, it would Really increase the realism of controlling “ground”. It would help controllers better coordinate airplanes to get where they need to go. Right now, it just shows an image of the airplanes in a blank space. Any one else think this would help, or would not help? Let me hear it!


I changed it to features for you :) but I have to agree on this too. I would love to have this in the game


What a great idea!

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As well as your great suggestion, maybe number/code taxiways so you could have southbound/northbound planes taxiing on adjacent taxiways and not into eachother, eg. “Turn left onto taxiway XX”


This is a great idea!! Also I don’t think that would happen unless IF marks the actual taxiways and gates,

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Something similar to this. Without the taxiway, hangar, terminal labels. Just a shaded area that shows the pavement for the taxiways and Tarmac.


I totaly agre, i love to be ground control


Thought I’d bring this post back to life. I really wish there was a way to make “ground control” just a tiny bit better.

It’s still plenty good. This Infinite Flight app is very technologically advanced. I never would have imagined any app like this was possible, but I would love ground to see some improvements. Just some lightly shaded taxiways instead of grass color. It would help the ground controllers better see and predict problems/aircraft taxiing problems long before they actually happen.

It shouldn’t be to hard. Great idea!

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That’s what I was thinking. Shouldn’t be too terribly hard.

Hopefully this might be implemented on the next IF update…if we’re lucky! I can’t wait for the update to come out tho.


This would be great. The map could just focus on and provide a detailed map of the airport being controlled, instead of being able to see the whole region.

And having the ability to tell aircraft how to taxi to and from runways via speciafically named taxiways would help with congestion and confusion.