Suggestion for IF next Aircraft: Gulfstream Business Jets

This here is the Gulfstream G500. I personally think that any and/or all of the Gulfstream business jet planes would bring Infinite Flight to a whole different standard of luxury. What’s not to like about this very powerful but yet elegant plane? These business jet planes can reach up to 0.925 Mach cruising speed and has up to 4 living spaces that is comfortably to any passengers’ needs. This aircraft has wide, circular windows with it’s automatic window shade.
The Gulfstream has just rolled out the brand new G700 which is similar to Airbus. Instead of having the yoke in front of the pilot, there is now the side control/ yoke, just like Airbus. This creates excess space for the pilots to perform the work in “office” and just simply relax while traveling an astonishing 13 hour flight.
AGAIN, GULFSTREAM is an aircraft that Infinite Flight should have! The development would be something different to the development team and could potentially be fun.

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