Suggestion for auto brakes

In real aviation if manual brakes on then auto brakes will turn off automatically. But there is no that funtion in the IF. Hope this can be fix in next update. Bcause this may cause aircraft reduce speed too much even you using manual brakes.

I believe this is a function in IF. When I use rudder brakes, the auto-brake system disengages


You can take over braking from the auto brake system simply by pulling down on the rudder button. Although the auto brake button doesn’t show that it has disengaged, once you put in a little manual braking, the auto brake disengages.


Yes this does happen just that whenever you use the auto brake and it disingages it still remains on in the systems

On this topic - I’ve noticed the speed brakes now automatically retract un-commanded when the auto brake is not engaged. Seems to happen around 40kts regardless of setup - can we have this fixed in the next update?

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Yes, this is anthoter issue need to be fixed.

It just shows that it’s activated, it doesn’t do anything. You need to manually switch it to off and that’s also how they do it in real life.

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