Suggestion for #atc

Could a subtopic for #atc be added for tracking threads? It would be great if these threads all ended up in one place.


I really like that idea, I’d like to be able to browse the #atc section for discussions without having to pass by each tracking thread.


I also think this would be one to look at to add. I always like to help out by flying for people training and this would help out a lot to find people that are open. Great Request/idea

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Nice Idea! I definitely see this being a reality. Would be beneficial to people practicing ATC and will help keep things more organized.

I have to say, this is a really good idea! :D :O

Hopefully this gets implemented

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Also, I’d be more inclined to set this new category to watching, wheras now I don’t because I’d get all the other posts and that would be a bit much.

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Categories are still being reviewed and you never know what Misha has hidden in his socks for the forum.


But what socks is he wearing?


Maybe these ones here :


Great idea.

Great suggestion! Let me discuss internally with the others. Our goal is to avoid too many branches on our forum while also keeping things tidy by having categories and sub-categories for popular things such as the tracking threads. We’ll make a determination soon!


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