Suggestion for a new category for flights and ATC open announcements

There have been a lot of ATC open posts nowadays or people who ask “Anyone free to fly are being redirected to PM’s

To solve this, I would suggest a category similar to the Discourse Sandbox
where the user can

  • ask if anyone wants to fly or needs ATC
  • announce ATC is open

These topics would stay for a day and get deleted automatically.
Eliminating people to scroll through many ATC open threads.

Suggestions required.
Edit - added a poll

Would you like this?

  • Yes!
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Really Nice idea I would like it

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Makes a lot of sense. Would also help to keep the forum clutter free.

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ohh yeah, dont understand why this was not implanted earlier.


I have to read through too many ATC open/Closed threads. Nice idea!


Wouldn’t be great if it’s work with ATC status on live!?Even its take some time to update.

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@philippe would this work?

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"Don’t tag mods @Swang007 " XDXDXD
hach I’m so funny.



Your thoughts/views… Is this possible?!

@Nick_Art don’t tag the mods😜

We need a few new categories to address crowing of the general and live categories as they are too vague.

I two major ones I think we need new categories for are:
-Short Term / Spontaneous Events (ATC open announcements, short-notice flight requests, etc)
-Virtual Airlines

Maybe a category for banter/complaints too…