Suggestion for a FNF

Hello everybody,
I’m Francesco and I come from Italy. This is my very first time writing here and I’m so glad to do so.
I come from Sicily, an island region in the South of Italy, and I would you like a FNF to be taken place there as it’s a beautiful region. You can find wonderful sceneries such as Mt Etna (the highest active volcano in Europe), the Eolioan Islands, the beautiful beaches and enjoy the difficul windy approach at Palermo Punta Raisi airport. You can count on 5 airports:
LICC, LICJ,LICT,LICB and LICZ( a militar one used by US Navy).
Airports in Sicily are not very big and the capacity is low but you could use the not far Malta airport as a second hub. I hope you like this idea

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Hey Francesco!

Couple of things. First and foremost, welcome! Glad to have you with us. I’ll attach a bit of a welcome guide that will help you navigate and understand the workings of this forum. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask around. We’ve got some helpful community members.

Second, @MishaCamp would be the one who is in charge of organizing the FNFs. He will occasionally open up a topic asking for suggestions for a FNF airport/region/theme. Stick around, and keep an eye out because you never know when that next opportunity will present itself.

Thanks again for the suggestion and hope to see you around!



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