Suggestion for a few aircraft to be taken into conciseration to be added.

There are several aircraft out there that don’t get much fame or attention for their roles in aviation as well as some of their ground breaking technology. It would be amazing to see developers work to add these aircraft to the list for many of them are often overlooked.

Aircraft to be considered. C-5 Galaxy / Super Galaxy. One of the first aircraft of its type to fly for years with its nose capable of opening and lowering ramps to load and off load quickly. Another great feature of this aircraft is its screw type landing gear enabling the plane to kneel down lower to the ground for loading and off loading. The sound of the engines on this aircraft has a distinctive sound that many veterans and military personal of all branches and allies recognize.

Second is the C-141B Starlifter. This aircraft for many years since Vietnam has been the work horse of the United States Air Force and other allies nations around the globe. The C-141 has been responsible for military airlift operations ranging from troop transport and paratroopers, equipment and supply drops, humanitarian aid missions, medical flight of casualties, and deploying troops to Granada and landing under fire to deploy soldiers right into the front lines and most memorably it’s role as the Hanoi Taxi. Bringing P.O.W.’s and casualties home from Vietnam. This aircraft has been overlooked for years of what its worth to military personnel and countries alike have benefited from it. There are many aircraft documentaries on almost every aircraft produced as well as pro type aircraft. This one proud work horse of the United States Air Force has been sadly overlooked and under appreciated for years. To the men and women who flew these aircraft. It was a tearful goodbye to an aircraft that had given so much to this country and was truly saddening to see her go. The C-17 has replaced her and the C-17 is an amazing aircraft to say the least. The C-141B would appreciate votes on this aircraft to finally be recognized for her outstanding military record, service life and performance while she gracefully flew the skies around the globe.

The “BUFF” B-52 G Stratofortress. Her service record, length of service and fear factor are not challenged by any other aircraft. This aircraft is not set to be sent to the bone yard for at least another 20 years to 40 years. She is already the oldest flying aircraft still in service today. To give people the chance to fly this amazing BUFF in Infinite Flight would be unprecedented. The B-52 has constantly been on alert and defense of many nations. With her roaming the skies. She has made her present felt and known that a B-52 was always there watching and waiting to defend.

Other aircraft include KC-135 refueling tanker, DC-8 flown by evergreen, emery and Airborne Express. Those of you with knowledge on these aircraft. Please give us a little history of their past so we can all better appreciate them.

Would appreciate a valued turn out of votes for these aircraft for some have been the workhorses of the skies for many years and others have been long forgotten for their services.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and thank you all for your votes to recommend these.

Sincerely Spanky

Many feature requests for some of these aircraft exist! Please go vote for them. :)


Most of these planes already have feature requests. I recommend you check those out, and you could vote for them to be implemented. :)

Please go check out the features category for some of the kings that you listed.

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