Suggestion and Poll - Should the Grade 3 Requirement for the criteria of All Level 2/3 be raised from 5 to 10?

I have noticed that the grade table requirements for Grade 3 requires no more than 5, Level 2 violation and no more than 5, Level 3. I have 4, Level 2 violations and only 2, Level 3 violations. So you would assume that I meet the Grade 3 requirement, right?

However, the issue that I have got with the grade table is that the amassed violations for all Level 2/3 violation cannot exceed 5. So despite being within limits for all the other criteria, I have been kicked out of Grade 3, and likewise the expert server due to this.

Therefore, my request would be for the requirement for Grade 3 that the All Level 2/3 violations criteria can be raised from 5 to 10. Therefore you can get 5, Level 2 violations and 5, Level 3 violation.

Poll for the pilots of infinite flight - Should the Grade 3 Requirement for All Level 2/3 be raised from 5 to 10?

  • No
  • Yes

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I would like to say, if I had more than 2, Level 3 Violations I would not be making this request, as that would show I have to spend more time on improving my IF flying skills. However as it is that fine line, between me having access to Grade 3 and not, I have decided to come up with this, and together, hopefully with enough support, we can get this changed.

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I’ll say no to this. Increasing the threshold of bringing someone back to Grade 2 for violations is counter-productive in the sense that this, as a trade off, allows for an influx of Grade 2 pilots, who were likely violated by controllers for good reason, entering the server without the sensibility that is expected.

The grade requirements are there for having a sensible server where there is less messing around, not one that just has more people in the sense that the grade system is a metric of arbitrarily measured “progress”.


This is true, in that case my last prophecy, if this poll to be unsuccessful, would be for the @appeals to clear just ONE of my level 2 violations so I can have another chance on the expert server… otherwise I will not have access to it for another 177 days. I am paying for this, and yet cannot access the server because I am one point over one area of the criteria

It’s important to be aware also that if you do plan on appealing one of your violations that you have received from the Expert Server, that this needs to be appealed within 7 days of the violation being received.

Appeals will not review any violations that have been issued more than 7 days ago.

Whilst you are correct, that you do pay for the product, so do the others that fly on the Expert Server and these paying customers that choose to fly on the Expert Server do so for a professional experience and to (for the most part) be surrounded by fellow pilots with the same mindset.


Please note, I am just doing this to see whether there is a way that I can get back onto the expert server quicker than 177 days or whether that is it. There should at least be an option to fly with someone on the IF Board to show yourself worthy

Ultimately to have access to the expert server, you need to be at a certain standard of flying. And if you were at that standard you wouldn’t receive that many violations.


I believe that it should not be raised, 5 is a fair number of level 2 and 3 violations and if you have received 5 you will have had plenty of opportunity to act more professional and not make the same mistakes as last time.

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I had not received or not been rejected a level 2 or 3 violation appeal for 115 days since I last got my level 2 violation which was 6 days ago. Now that I have, I can no longer fly on the expert server.

If there could even be a way of clearing the violation from 188 days ago then at least I would be able to prove myself as a worthy user of Grade 3. As I have been for 115 since that violation six days ago.

I would understand that if every week I was getting violations I would not be worthy but this is not the case in my individual situation

If you were able to just clear a violation without having a reason to appeal, it would defeat the point of them existing. Violations exist so that the high standard of the expert server can be maintained.


I would agree, but then in that case. The time scale a violation lasts for should be halved to 183 days, then the violation strategy would be fair

Lasting for a year, where customers are paying. Allowing the to only have access to the training server or even worse the casual server, is not what they are paying for especially if like me they are paying an annual subscription

The grade system is not going to be changed now that you need it to be, it is a fair, simple and useful system, if you got 5 violations then you are not ready or professional enough for the expert server and you should use your time in the training server to improve on that.

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It’s not only you that is paying. Everyone on the casual, training and expert server is paying. The way that the violation and grade system works improves the experience that most users have by ensuring that their experience can be as realistic as they want. If users had access to every server simply because they are paying for a subscription, then there’d be no point in having separate servers. Additionally, the realism on the expert server that is unique on mobile sims to IF, would be effectively ruined and many users would move away from IF.


As Declan said, it’s not just you paying for the experience


Also, don’t think of this as a “punishment”. Like @Chris4435 said, use your time in training server to bring your skills up to the standard of expert server. And then when you’re able to rejoin you shouldn’t get any more violations.

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No, in all honesty i don’t want it changed just for me. I am sure there are other IF Pilots out there that think the same. I just thinking being so called banned from the expert server for what is a fun game. I understand that about the professionalism and I have done quite well up until 6 days ago of not receiving a level 2 or 3 violation. So I am just requesting to @appeals to allow me to have access to the expert server even if means I only have one more chance before being banned forever then I’ll take it

I’ve got my PPL. I don’t think I need training on a flight sim that I use on my iPad?

You can appeal the most recent Level 2 violation if you wish to. But what you’re suggesting goes against the way IF works. It is a simple rule, if you get more than 5 Level 2/3 violations in a year, you only have access to casual and training server. If they start giving people extra chances it just blurs the rules.

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Your violations would suggest otherwise.

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