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Suggestion: Edinburgh to Hartford

Departure: EGPH

Arrival: KBDL

Flight time : 4-5 hours

Airline : Norwegian

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Altitude: FL300


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Your picture, please?

Might want to be specific with the ICAO here. The main international airport serving Hartford/Windsor Locks, CT is KBDL (which used to serve Norwegian until very recently).

It could confuse some people. Wouldn’t want them to fly to KHFD instead. 🙂


Changed it now has icao

I would also add that Norwegian dosent use 800s to KBDL but KPVD do. Flights to KBDL are operated by MAX 8s but now they don’t go to KBDL or KPVD.

When the new services to BDL, PVD, and SWF began, the 737-800 was used before they received the MAX 8s. :)

Currently, the MAX 8 is used, but the -800 is a good compromise for IF. They still have adequate range to reach.

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Yes it would be great to have the MAX but the 800 could do for now. Aer Lingus also started routes to KBDL but I don’t know how their doing or if they will stop like Norwegian did. Hoping the best for Bradley!

I suspect you meant Aer Lingus?

Yes fixed it thanks.

It is “Aer” not “Are”. You haven’t fixed that yet…

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I haven’t even noticed that too thanks.

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I’ve always been stuck on which route to do… this helps a lot and It even includes my City

Hey everyone, it is almost July 20th meaning it is time to vote for our IFC route of the month. This month I throw in a short haul, long haul, and a scenic GA in the Caravan from Mexico to South Florida. I hope you guys enjoy and pick the route whisely.

  • Geneva International Airport (LSGG) to Falcone Borsellino Airport (LICJ) (EasyJet Airbus A320)
  • Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZPSD) (China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Cancun International Airport (MMUN) to Opa Locka -Miami Executive Airport (KOPF) (Cessna 208)

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Just an FYI… the route or approach into Kai Tak was almost always into runway 13 with a hard bank angle before touchdown! I’m seeing pilots landing from the opposite direction (runway 31) which almost never happened! Video link below has a good description of this unique approach into this gone but not forgotten airport in Hong Kong!

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Good day everyone, the new IFC route of the month has now been added!

This month we feature Geneva to Palermo! This scenic route will take you from Switzerland into the Tyyhenian sea by the coast of Italy giving you a very beautiful sight of Rome and other city’s all from FL390! This Medium Haul route will be served in an EasyJet A320.


Enjoy the route everyone, next month we will feature another beautiful and scenic route voted by you guys.



T&g’s for me at Kai Tak on rwy 13 have become sort of like a light snack …l prefer using a 747-800 with some Grey Poupon on it !!!

Dubai to London, with 777 Emirates.


If you want the route added please use the correct format, you provided basically no information for myself or other contributors of the thread to add it to the list.


Introducing Ultra Long Haul and General Aviation Sections!

I have added two new sections to our Suggested Routes database!

Ultra Long Haul

Any flights that are more than 12 hours, the current long haul section is only for flights between 6 and 12 hours of flight time. Feel free to suggest your favorite ULH route and we will be sure to have it added. Be sure to follow our guidelines in the Original Post.

General Aviation

Like flying low and slow? For a more relaxing vibe and way of flying? Introducing the GA section! Community members will add any route that includes the Cessna 172, 208, and Citation, Cirrus SR22, and the Upcoming TBM 930. Feel free to suggest some awesome GA routes and we will be sure to add it on the list.

Again, please follow our guidelines at the top of our original post.

Cheers guys, lets make this post something the community can approach easy and partake in.



Looking forward to seeing some cool routes! I’ve been following this thread and copying down multiple interesting routes!

(Also @Chief305 you might want to move the current ULH routes out of the Long Haul section into the ULH section)