Suggested Routes

0.74 is a bit slow 737 normally go between 0.78 and 0.80

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Your not supposed to go over 0.75
I don’t think

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i think you can imo
now stop before this goes off the rails

Yea for the 737 family and A320 somewhere around .78 is an optimal cruise speed.


You should do a long flight for the flight of the month

I recommend having a look here. It’s a list of recommended and max cruise speeds. Most of them are accurate. Obviously it’s not perfect.


My first medium haul flight - pretty nice and great sunrise at arrival in Manila! Descent was OK but not perfect all in alle very nice flight. Some trouble on cruising around 39.000ft --> too high!?

Route: Bangkok (VTBS) - Manila (RPLL)
Distance: 2208km / 1192nm
Estimated flight time: 2,9hours
Airplane: Airbus A321-200 Philippine Airlines

Cruise Speed: 447knots @ 39.000ft
Flight Plan: Runway 01R - LINDA - BS653 - 14E09 - 14E20 - HANEL - TARA - - Runway 06

Passengers: 239
Cargo: 7590kg
Fuel: 12950kg --> calculated for 5 hours of flying ???

Descent @ 14E20 to TARA from 39.000ft to 3.500ft: @210knots Descent Rate 2.200

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been trying to find a topic like this for awhile now! Thank you for making this list.

Follow the format otherwise this will be ignored and disregarded.

Not sure why it has to be so specific. I’m pretty sure someone will not ignore something if it does not say how fast you should fly it.

I’ve found many routes in there that don’t follow your special “guidelines”, what if someone wanted to change the route up a bit?

All routes on the original post follow the same format and guidelines, it is very simple to do actually. Format it right, otherwise it will not be added. Sorry, we have rules, everyone who has their suggested route in the original post has followed the rules, you sir are no exception.

Have an awesome day!

Apparently I am an exception, because my post didn’t follow the rules.

I never knew this was a thread where you had to add things and had rules for it, I thought it was like the FR24 interesting finds thread.

Also sorry for any attitude that I had, right before I replied something happened that pissed me off and I was in a bad mood.

Have a good day :D Or night ;>

I agree this is defiently legit 100 percent

I’m from Buffalo, too! Great to see other Bills fans on this site.

Last night’s flight was KLAX to KBUF.

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I really love that you incorpored my Home Airport, LEBL, as I think only 5 people flies there each day counting the three servers

  • Departure Location: Barcelona - El Prat (LEBL) (Terminal 2)

  • Destination Airport: Metro Oakland Int’l (KOAK)

  • Distance: 5166nm minimum

  • Flight Time: 10hrs - 11hrs (depends on winds and route)

  • Suggested Aircraft and Livery: Norweigean Boeing 787-9

  • Altitude: FL370

  • Speed: 500-530 GS, Mach 0.86

  1. Why this route?
    Because LEBL is my home airport, and the departure from rwy7R is very beautiful (you see all barcelona) and I really love approaching SFO/OAK/SJC from the north, as you see San Francisco city, and the bay.

  2. Why this altitude?
    Because FL370 is a great altitude to fly Long Haul routes (I recommend FL340 for short haul, and >FL360 for Medium, Long and Ultra Long Haul Routes).

  3. Why this speed?
    Because it’s a great speed for the Dreamliner, as it’s a high speed, but don’t requires too much effort to the engines to maintain this speed, also consumes much less fuel that Mach 0.88, for example

You would not go straight to 37000ft for a 10-11 hour flight. You would be too heavy. For that sort of flight you should start at 33000ft and step climb!

The thing is I ususally do Long Hauls while sleeping, so I can’t do Step Climb…