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For a long haul like that you should bump the speed up as your fellow community members said, unless you want to be stuck flying above the atlantic for a day or two. 😉


I changed it to M .85…
is that better?

Yes it is, that is the ideal cruising speed for the 787 series. Thanks!



Your routes have been added to the database, thanks guys!


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, it is almost June 20th so it is time to vote for our IFC Route Of The Month! With the release of our five new A320 liveries we will have five options for this months route.

  • Perth International Airport (YPPH) to Melbourne International Airport (YMML) Qantaslink Airbus A320
  • London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL) to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport (ESSA) British Airways Airbus A320
  • Keflavik International Airport (BIKF) to Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport (LFPG) WOW A320
  • Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCEL) to Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport (SBGL) Latam Chile Airbus A320
  • Tokyo Narita International Airport (RJAA) to Osaka Kansai International Airport (RJBB) Peach Aviation Airbus A320

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For more on the new liveries check out this post below made by Tyler!

You have roughly four days to vote, so choose wisely. This will be our new route of the month for June 20th to July 20th.

Cheers everyone!



• Departing: KSNA
• Arriving: KPHX
• Distance: 294 NM
• Flight Time: 45 Minutes
• Aircraft: American Airlines 737-800, Or Southwest Airlines 737-700 (2014 Livery)
• Altitude: FL280
• Speed: M 0.83


I think i did that right? I hope so

Yeah you did. Now we wait for @Chief305 to add it.
@JulianQ maybe add some space between each bullet

IFC Route Of The Month Has Been Posted!

Sorry for the three day delay, I have been very busy. The IFC Route Of the Month from June 23 to July 23 has been posted, go check it out!

Additionally, I have added last months route of the month from Denver to Aspen in the CRJ to the Short Haul list, that route is a classic so try it out if you haven’t already!

Cheers everyone, have fun!



Tks for your help!!! I’ll fly this routes!!!

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Suggestion: Melbourne Intl to Los Angeles

  • Departure Location: YMML

  • Arrival Location: KLAX

  • Distance: 6,900nm

  • Flight Time: 13:49

  • Aircraft: 777-300ER (77W)

  • Airline: Virgin Australia (VA)

  • Altitude: 290/310/330/350/370

  • Mach .83/84

  • Route: YMML DOSEL 3637S/14620E EBONY ARRAN NONUP CULIN TARAL RIVET 3357S/15111E 3354S/15204E 3355S/15306E 3319S/15500E 3151S/16019E 3118S/16300E 3038S/16550E 2940S/17137E 2804S/17651E 2404S/17335W 1847S/16535W 1214S/15910W 934S/15700W 506S/15327W 125S/15046W 223N/14801W 617N/14525W 1359N/13954W 2130N/13353W 2455N/13027W FOOTS ELKEY 3326N/12030W VTU SADDE BAYST SMO JAVSI KLAX


Suggestion: Oakland Intl to Oslo Gardermoen

Departure: KOAK

Arrival: ENGM

Distance: 4500nm

Flight Time: 9:27

Aircraft: 787-9 (B789)

Airline: Norwegian

Altitude: 370/390/410

Mach: .85

Route: KOAK 3820N/12207W 3946N/12044W KO63G REO TWIGY YEG ABENY CACHO YMM 6400N/10000W IKLAR MEDPA 7300N/6000W 7300N/4000W 7100N/2000W 6900N/1000W 6500N/000W EDURA 6056N/812E ADOPI 6024N/956E 6028N/1027E 6034N/1029E 6040N/1035E GM431 GM452 6028N/1105E ENGM


Anyone have any good flights that take a while that i can leave my phone on overnights flying and being about to land when I wake up?

Hi @Sasquatch

I moved your post to here. Take a read of this topic, as there is plenty of options to choose from :)


I love doing this flight! My hometown airport, ISLIP

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Suggestion: Edinburgh to Hartford

Departure: EGPH

Arrival: KBDL

Flight time : 4-5 hours

Airline : Norwegian

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Altitude: FL300


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Your picture, please?

Might want to be specific with the ICAO here. The main international airport serving Hartford/Windsor Locks, CT is KBDL (which used to serve Norwegian until very recently).

It could confuse some people. Wouldn’t want them to fly to KHFD instead. 🙂


Changed it now has icao

I would also add that Norwegian dosent use 800s to KBDL but KPVD do. Flights to KBDL are operated by MAX 8s but now they don’t go to KBDL or KPVD.