Suggested routes to and from Kuwait!

Hello Everyone! =)

Happy New Year! 🎆

I am happy that my country’s airport Kuwait City (OKBK) Is featured In the IFATC schedule today!

As an avgeek from Kuwait, I’ll give you this list of top and exciting routes to fly to and from Kuwait City Today!

Top 5 Realistic Short-haul flights suggestions :

Dubai To Kuwait ( OMDB-OKBK )
Emirates Boeing 777 / FlyDubai B737-800.

Doha To Kuwait ( OTHH-OKBK )
Qatar Airways ( QR operates all aircraft types to Kuwait, except the A380! ).

Bahrain To Kuwait ( OBBI-OKBK )
Gulf Air A321 / KLM ( aircraft of your choice as we don’t have KLM A330 In IF ).

Cairo To Kuwait ( HECA-OKBK )
Egypt Air A330 / B737-800.

Beirut To Kuwait ( OLBA-OKBK )
Middle Eastern Airlines A321.

Top 5 Realistic Medium-haul flights suggestions :

Frankfurt To Kuwait ( EDDF-OKBK )
Lufthansa A330.

London To Kuwait ( EGLL - OKBK )
British Airways B777-200ER.

Amsterdam To Kuwait ( EHAM-OKBK )
KLM ( aircraft of your choice as we don’t have KLM A330 In IF ).

Colombo To Kuwait ( VCBI - OKBK )
SriLankan Airlines A330.

Cochin To Kuwait ( VOCI - OKBK )
Indigo A320.


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