Suggested Routes for the Bombardier CRJ Family


ORF-DTW Delta Connection
ORF-LGA Delta Connection / American Eagle
ORF-DCA American Eagle
ORF-CLT American Eagle
ORF-PHL American Eagle
MKE-PHL American Eagle
MKE-CLT American Eagle
ORF-IAD United Express
MKE-ORD United Express / American Eagle
MKE-CVG Delta Connection
MKE-DTW Delta Connection
SFO-BUR United Express
SFO-SNA United Express

ORF-DTW Delta Connection
RIC-DTW Delta Connection
MKE-LGA Delta Connection
CLT-DCA American Eagle
CLT-RDU American Eagle
CLT-ATL American Eagle
ORF-IAD United Express
ORF-ORD United Express
ORF-IAD United Express

CLT-ORF American Eagle
CLT-MKE American Eagle
CLT-DCA American Eagle
ORF-DTW Delta Connection
ORF-JFK Delta Connection
RIC-ATL Delta Connection


Skywest currently operates Delta Connection CRJ200/700/900, I have flown on the -200 and the -900 for skywest this previous Christmas, and have saftey cards. Most ive seen operate out of Detroit.


Well I work for DL now so I know all the DL operations :-)


My gosh, did you put every single route? 😂


Possibly…At least all the ones from Dallas…


These are some routes


Please remember to put what airline(s) go with each route


Great wiki! This update will provide so many new realistic flights for people to do. I just added several routes to my home state of Montana.


J-AIR CRJ-200 route:

Haneda Airport onto Tokyo Narita International Airport


I added it for you :D


Thank you @CR3W !👌👍 Glad to make one…


Why would any airline operate a route from a city to the same city? That’s like saying AA CRJ should fly from JFK-LGA


Alright, I’m just gonna stop putting in routes and just leave it too you guys XD


Actually…per Flightaware:

KLAX to KSBA is 91nm and is 52 minutes
KSFO to KSTS is 59nm and is 44 minutes

BUT…thank you for the route! I will definitely fly this being a Gaucho:)


The first route I’m doing when CRJ comes out is American Eagle CRJ900 from KATL-KORD.


Uh oh… a gaucho! I didn’t go, but lived in SLO for awhile. Wife went to cal poly


Continental used to have mainline service on 733s from IAH-HOU. Not only that, but at one point, they had a hub at both airports simultaneously.


for delta can we add New york LGA-Boston


How about KITH/KBGM to KDTW on the northwest CRJ200?


KIAD-KCLE on a United Express CRJ-700