Suggested Routes for the Bombardier CRJ Family


FYI, that route was discontinued at the beginning of July 2017. Also Air Wisconsin, just finished their transition from and AE carrier based in PHL to a UA carrier based in IAD, ORD. However the route is now operated by DL, and B6


like what’s the point of correcting him


Detroit is KDTW, Duluth is KDLH. :)


The amount of suggested routes for United is unreal lol XD

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Lets try to get more routes for different airlines!


I just added tons of routes to Houston. There would be a lot more if there was the American CRJ9, but at least we have the CRJ7!



You mean, this American CRJ? ;)


Yep, I already put in the routes that I could. I’m tired now! 👌🏻


Delta airlines KATL-KMDW, I see the CRJ everyday at work…


Can you add KSBP-KPHX on the AE -900 (American Eagle CRJ-900 for all you non avgeeks that are just here for fun)


image Some Routes for the Nordica CRJ-700

Tallinn - Groningen
Tallinn - Gothenburg
Tallinn - Saint Petersburg


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I got them in for you guys :)


United shortest flight on a CRJ 200:

KSFO to KSTS (Sonoma County).

Takes 39 minutes gate to gate in real life.


There is no United Express CRJ 900 confirmed, as of yet


These are all real routes right?


Yes they are. We have others looking at routes and posting them here


KLAX-KSBA is shorter :)


I don’t think there are any CRJ-900s for UAX. I could be wrong but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one


You are right. United only operates the -200, and -700.


Thought so. I used to work for SkyWest and I could not remember any 900s


Yup, I was wrong. My apologies on that