Suggested Routes for 2023

Inspired by @ThomasThePro

Short Hauls 1-3 Hours

North America
FLL-ATL Delta 757-200 | Southwest 737-800/700
LAX-SFO Southwest 737-800/700 | Jetblue A320 | American E175 | Alaska A320 | United A320
South America:
GRU-GIG | GOL 737-800/700 | Azul A320
GIG-FLO | GOL 737-800/700 | Azul A320/E190
LHR-CDG | Air France A320 | British Airways A320/E190 | Easyjet A320/A319
LPA-STN | Ryanair 737-800
Suggest me some African routes since idk any good ones
Middle East:
DXB-BAH: Gulf Air A320 | Emirates 777-300ER
DOH-DXB | Qatar Airways A320/777-300ER
BKK-HKT: Thai A320 | Air Asia A320
HKG-MNL: Cathay Pacific A330 | Air Asia A339

Oceanic (Australia):
SYD-MEL | Virgin Australia 737-800 | Qantas 737-800
SYD-BNE| Virgin Australia 737-800 | Qantas 737-800/E190

Medium Haul 3-6 Hours

North America:
JFK-LAX | Jetblue A321 | American A321 | Delta A339/767
FLL-SFO| Jetblue A321 | United 737-900 | Spirit A321
South America:
EZE-LIM: Aerolinas 737-800/ A330(Generic) | Sky Airlines A320/A321
MIA-LIM: American A321 | Latam A321
ATH-LHR: Aeagan A320 | British Airways A320
FUE-LGW: Easyjet A320 | British Airways A321
Africa: once again give suggestions

Middle East:
DXB-LHR | Emirates A380 | British Airways 777-200ER
DOH-FCO | Qatar Airways A350/787
SIN-HKG: Cathay Pacific A330 | Singapore Airlines 777-300ER
NRT-ICN: Korean Air 747-8/A330
Oceanic: SYD-AKL Qantas 737-800 | Air New Zealand 777-300ER/ A320

Long Haul 6-12 Hours

JFK-LHR | American 777-200 | Virgin Atlantic 787-9/ A330
LAX-NRT | ANA 777-300ER/787-9 JAL 787-9

South America:
GRU-CDG | Air France A350/777-300ER
EZE-MIA| Aerolinas A330(Generic)
LHR-HND: ANA 787-9/777-300ER JAL 787-9
LGW-MBJ: TUI 787-9/-8

NBO-LHR: Kenya Airways 787-8
LOS-LHR: Virgin Atlantic A330 | British Airways 777-200ER

HKG-LAX | Cathay Pacific 777-300ER/A350
NRT-LAX| ANA 787-9/777-300ER

SYD-LAX: Delta A350 | American 787-9 | Qantas 787-9
MEL-SFO: United 787-9 | Qantas 787-9

Suggestions allowed in the comments

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Just some constructive criticism, I’m sure you can be a bit more creative than including common routes like LAX-SFO, LAX-JFK, and various other already popularly flown routes. Suggested Route lists are made to be creative and give users something new and unique to fly. I think it’d bring a lot more diversity if your list included some underrated and scenic routes.


Nice rouds, I will try one of them one day.

Thansk for the feedback, I will fix them in a bit.

There is already an open topic on this

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