Suggested Modifications to the Replay Menu

Hello IFC,

I’m not expecting this to become a record vote-getter. It’s not a new plane, livery or insert popular feature request here _________.

What I would like to do is make some small suggestions to enhance the current replay menu.

This is what the menu looks like today (picture for reference):

What I would like to see incorporated into the replay menu are…

1. The ability to sort by something other than date. For example, if I wanted to look at one of my longer flights, I could sort by ‘Duration’ or by ‘File Size.’ I also feel if I’m looking for a replay history of flights I’ve started at particular airports, the ability to sort by ‘Details’ would be helpful.

2. About the details column. I believe it could be helpful with my latter point if the ‘details’ column was separated into two columns. One being ‘departure’ the other being ‘arrival.’ With an added sort feature for these columns, it would be even easier to find replays from a particular airport.

3. Add a column or description indicating the ‘Server’ of your flight/ATC session. I find it would be helpful if I could tell which server my flights are from. We could decipher this by adding a ‘Server’ column next to the ‘Type’ column, or by indicating with a ‘-Expert’ (for example) next to the ‘Live’ type.

4. The ability to toggle. I wish there was a way for me to toggle my flights/ATC sessions by either length, server, or file size. This would help me speed up the deletion process of really small, useless files. Also, as ATC I am often looking at airport layouts in solo prior to opening. Which leads to my next suggestion…

5. The ability to turn off the sim from automatically saving replays in solo. For me, I have no need for a solo replay the majority of the time. We don’t need them for ATC or violation reviews. I believe it would help ‘de-clutter’ the replay log and help (me at least) spend less time deleting files if I could simply have the option not to save solo replays. I would still encourage the default to be ‘on’ to save solo spawns/flights.

Thank you for your continued hard work with Infinite Flight. Hopefully we can make the replay menu even better than it is now. And if you’ve made it this far, congrats.


This is a nice request and I agree with all of these features! We will see if this becomes a reality one day…(I bet it will as the replay system is fairly new and “Bare bones” for the time being)

Useful idea. There is indeed many possibilities to enhance the replay files or add more configurations / modifications to increase the accessibility or spacing. Cool idea. I agree on all of them. 👍

  • It would also be very nice for the developers to add a feature just like this, to gain an ability to save all my replay files into my replay history located on my account.
    What I mean here is that if I delete Infinite Flight ( for whatever reason ) then I would be able to get all my files back as intended.
  • Instead, when I remove infinite Flight, all my recent files are gone. It should be simple. I always have to save all my files into a separate iCloud folder, and note it down in my notes application in which replay comes first. To know which one to open. That’s just my problem I am facing currently on my 16Gb iPad. 🙂

What livery is this for, again?


Oh I’m sorry, Tim.

I want this and I want Max as well in the sim.

I also wanted it yesterday and make it free.

Some may be too young to get the reference…

Gotta have a little fun every now and then (:

OMG, I loved that movie as a kid! I didn’t know anyone else ever saw it.