Suggested Liveries that I think should be added into Infinite flight

Dear Infinite flight Moderators,

Today I have a selection of liveries that I think you should consider adding into the game. The Work you have don’t so far with your Planes as Unbelievably Incredible! So for the first suggestion I added the Blue Rica Livery for JetBlue. I understand that you’ve already been working on a JetBlue livery currently so I suggested this one for possibly the near future. The Second Livery should be the all Orange Easy jet Livery.

We don’t have too many Liveries for easy Jet so that’s why I recommended this livery for the A320 in the future. The Final Livery I should’ve put would be the Star Wars A320 or 737 livery for Infinite flight. I would like this livery to be out for a limited around of time for the Most viewed Star Wars movie (Star wars a New hope Anniversary). Then we would have a selection of United’s most famous routes to fly to celebrate the Anniversary of the Movie. If requested by the community we can maybe even have the livery permanently!

I hope you put these Liveries into Consideration! I hope that you all continue to put the great work into this Awesome Sim! Thank you for your time!

Well, my friend. That is what the #features category is for!

Hello @Captain_Ian, i highly suggest you head to #features. But as your not TL2 you cannot post in this category, i highly suggest you keep on posting and liking you’ll get there!
You can vote the JetBlue livery below:

And EasyJet here:

For future reference if you shall make a feature request, i highly suggest posting in the #features category and following the rules. Thanks!

I’m so sorry! I don’t really use the Community website so I don’t really know how exactly to navigate the website! 🥺

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This topic below is one you should check out then!

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Thanks! 🙏🏾

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