Suggested Flight Of The Day 9/16

Decided to make a daily topic series-Suggested Flight of the day!

What I will be detailing are flights that could be of interest to the average user. I will try and bring to regions and airports that you normally wouldn’t select or even consider in the attempt to bring you to new places. NUC-SAN and NUC-LAX must get pretty darn boring over time.

This first flight will take you from YMRY (Moruya Airport) to YJBY (Jervis Bay). This short flight takes you between two coastal airports. Hop in your Cessna 208 or Citation X at SYD (Sydney) or Canberra and cruise to one of these airports:

If you’re leaving from Sydney, fly to Jervis Bay. If you’re leaving from Canberra, fly to Moruya. I started in Canberra so I will give you the details originating from there.

After departing YTAL just south of Canberra in my Private Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, I climbed up to a cruising altitude of 4,500 ft. and 180 kts. After the flight into Moruya, you will experience something similar to the Caribbean. I personally love these small, seaside airports, especially when you have to fly over or right next to water on final approach.

At Moruya, there are two runways, one that is meant for larger aircraft (4,886 ft.) and one for smaller aircraft (1,845 ft.). If you’re coming in on a Cessna Citation X, use the 4k runway, Runway 36/18.

Since I was coming in from the West with a Caravan, I chose to opt for the shorter Runway 05 to make a speedier landing. You should have little trouble landing your Caravan on this runway. You’ll immediately get the feel that the airport is one of those “Small” ones-There is very little ramp/parking space and it is hard to access (Skinny taxiways, about halfway down the 05/23 runway). However, the views you get are amazing. If you want to come in over the water, use Runway 23. Runway 05 is mainly over ground but shortly before touchdown, you will fly over a small river and the sea will be nearby, offering a coastal feeling. If you’re watching from the tower, you can get a mountain in the background. Runway 36 is the best of them all though. It semi-parallels the coastline which is something that I really enjoy, gives an island-hopping feel.

Once you’ve landed, let your passengers and luggage off, taxi to takeoff from any runway. We’ll be flying to Jervis Bay next. Although Jervis Bay is not at all a small airport-it has two good sized runways and a nice ramp-the flight in between the two airports is really the selling point. During the flight, you spend a lot of time over water. Then when it is time to land, you can make a final approach almost all over water :). However, you have to fly over a stretch of land before finally making touchdown. You might think that this is “just the Sydney region” but it has some hidden pleasant surprises on the coastline that can evoke images and fond memories of the Caribbean and Hawaiian regions :).

Next time you make the standard hop from Sydney to Canberra and see that you are flying over little Jervis Bay, don’t forget to consider making the Sydney-Jervis Bay-Moruya-Canberra.

Thanks for reading :)