Suggested changes to grading for expert access

A few points of my own in regards to this ongoing issue. I know there is topics constantly discussing this, but they aren’t really about any solutions… This is simply a suggestion in regards to ‘grading’. Its not really a single feature request, but merely some suggested ‘tweaks’

The grading system, whilst much better than it previously was, focuses too much on ‘activity’ rather than ‘ability.’

I like how ghosting and violations reduces you down grades, but you should also lose some XP so as to get more of a punishment than a simple downgrade for 24 hours or whatever it is, and straight back to expert the following evening. It is NOT hard to not get violations or ghostings, I have not had a single violation in over 12 months. It is not hard. If you find it hard to avoid violations, then that is proof that you do not deserve to be on the advanced server. The hardest part about remaining grade 5 is ensuring you complete 200 landings within the 90 day period.

My suggestion in regards to ensuring persons with ‘ability’ rather than ‘activity’ get access to the advanced server is three simple things:

  1. Make the XP required much higher

  2. Lose XP for ghostings and violations, and finally

  3. Give XP for correct flying and procedures. This may take some work, however part of it is already complete. The trick is to not ‘punish’ for not doing these things, but rather to reward XP for doing the right thing. This is how the higher XP will be achieved. some examples:
    -cruising at the correct altitude east/west travel would reward you.
    -announcing the correct positions on unicom/atc (the atc command box already picks up where you are in the pattern and displays the word ‘current’ when you are on ‘left base’ for example)
    -using strobes in the correct fashion
    -taxiing only after gainin clearance and/or announcing on unicom.
    -not exceeding certain climb rate / N1 % parameters
    -keeping separation minima with other aircraft during your flight.

Again, the trick is not to punish, but to reward. Punishments wont work as the app may have some discrepencies with certain things (ie location in the pattern, other aircraft like fighters intentionally reducing separation minima or simply GA aircraft flying in formation) so no punishments, only rewards if correctly done. I understand some of these may take a lot of work to implement, but you don’t need to necessarily implement all of the rewards. Focus on the big issues people have and what is causing the dramas on each server.

This is the only way to encourage correct and courteous flying. At the moment, if you don’t overspeed and complete enough landings, you dont even have to have any other single understanding of aviation, let alone be able to spell aviation, and you have access to the advanced server.


What about those who fly wellbut don’t have enough to(cough me cough)

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I have no idea what you just said…

Some people follow instructions but what if they don’t have enough exp for the expert server.

I like it.

Then keep flying. Keep getting hours. Keep making landings. Keep following instructions. Keep practicing. Keep getting better. You cant expect to be an expert without XP. Look at the real world (differing in each country obviously). 40+ hours for a private licence. 1200 hours to fly IFR commercial routes. 5000+ hours to get commercial jobs at certain airlines.

Good suggestions. How about we throw the cat in with the pidgeons and suggest 1 violation = no XP reward for that flight.
But for every hour you fly with no violations, one gets removed.
A little bit of pleasure, a nice sprinkling of pain.

like the suggestion, has been discussed that the XP is raised “back up too” XP25,000 for Expert server, as well as it being a grade 3.

I like your idea about being rewarded for doing things correctly with interaction of Unicom / ATC climb and descent rates, perhaps even on your fpm rate on touch down?

Do we not already lose XP for violations? Certainly for amount of XP earner during a flight. LAst night was flying Antigua to St KItts in a BA 777 (when I first saw a utube of one landing there I had to search heard to find out it is a real flight!) and due to pilot error (have to hold my hands up there) I got a speed violation below 10000 as I hadn’t slowed down enough before TOD. At the end of the flight on the ‘score card’ it showed that I had lost 10% of XP as a penalty for the violations.

Apart from that it was a great flight and can really recommend it as a challenging and interesting flight, pretty much a Wide Body doing a VFR flight!!


MaxSez: your time and effort formulating your recommendations noted. Interesting take. I find the follow take your most relevant:

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You can be trying your best to get better but easily miss something. I would love to be on the expert server, I’m just getting up there, and am now grade 2 but today i overspeed by unchecking the a/p by mistake and was issued the red digit and loss of xp and now I’m grade one again. It should be hard but not a pain to get there. Its a game that we can take seriously, i think that is an amazing thing.

incorrectly de-activating the autopilot and not realising until you have reached overspeed is a big oversight my friend, and one that would likely cause multiple fatalities in the real world! Not yet up to advanced standard I’m afraid! There’s no forgiveness for mistake like that from me!

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No doubt, we all nearly burned alive. The point is that i’ll probably not do it again, hence i’m getting better at it and I’m looking forward to reaching the next level when i am good enough to do so.

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Thats the spirit. Learn from it and ensure it never happens again.

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I disagree with this completely. What about real world pilots/ATCO or those who work in the aviation world who clearly have the knowledge and integrity to play the IF expert server seriously. However, they have such a busy work schedule and lack of free time they cannot commit a huge amount of hours to building XP.
On the flip side, I see some pilots with fantastic stats yet they are having to be reminded to “follow ATC Instructions”
The 100% best way to identify those suited to playing the expert server is some kind of entrance exam which demonstrates the base knowledge required.


Well @Rambo presently its quite the contrary - The argument of real world pilots who have too busy of a work schedule to build XP currently need 200 landings in 90 days (to be a grade 5 pilot). Thats 2.2 a day. If you are only using IF every second day, thats 5 landings each time you use it. Thats my point - currently its ‘activity’ over ‘ability’… My point is make it ability. reward for doing the right things, not for just building up hours and landings! Your argument is actually back-to-front and supports my whole idea without you actually realising it!

I do agree with the entrance exam however, and that idea has been tabled plenty before, but I doubt it will get implemented, and people can just cheat through it anyway!

Also, you shouldnt just have the ‘right’ to be on advanced. There are two things that need to be achieved. Encouragement to be active in the sim, and encouragement to be realistic and courteous in the sim.


50 000 is still highly excessive. It doesn’t stop someone with massive XP points going maverick and goose. If someone is being disrespectful then the punishment needs to be bigger. What if it were 20,000 xp which is quite a bit of flying, a few months for me anyway, and if you are caught being a nuisance then your stats are zero’d??? Sounds easy and slightly rewarding for all the people trying to play by the rules…

We could also have a name and shame thread on the go? Just kidding. Maybe

You basically just posted the system we have now… and this should be in feature request

  1. Can’t post in features when I made it.

  2. It’s absolutely nothing like the current system. Not even close.

  3. Your comment couldn’t be any more incorrect if you tried.

Shouldn’t this be in the Live category?