Suggested Airports for Pattern Work

Would not recommend using any for ATC practice except SCCI and LICD, as most are uncontrolled, unedited GA fields.

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I don’t use a specific airport like most do. But I love tncm because, let be honest, who doesn’t. But I also like kewr, cyyz and also kvny (my home airport which I do training out of and also because it’s the busiest general aviation airport in the states if not world.

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With the new scenery update, I found some incredible places to try some pattern work ;)


Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, this airport near Cape Town is not to be missed for some cool patterns.


This airport, newly covered by the scenery update is a perfect pattern airport with some cool scenery of the water and having a long runway with some windy conditions from time to time.



Sedona Airport (KSEZ) is a neat field that I think would be fun to fly patterns at. Kind of reminds me of Telluride with a cliff at the end at the runway. Also the field elevation is over 4000ft so expect decreased performance.


100% would recommend. It’s incredible to see sunsets there irl as well :)

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It’s alright. I’ll always be respectful and courteous. Maybe we can run some patterns together. GA style.

U have made me interested. I’ll let u know how it goes.

Finally got around to updating the pins on the map linked in the first post. More suggestions always welcome!

Here’s the link if you don’t want to scroll up:

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I’m a big fan of Vancouver (CYVR). Lots of runways, although Victoria (BC) is also nice. There’s even more runways there.

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