Suggested Airports for Pattern Work

@dush19 thanks for this…absolutely loved it…


If I only have time for C172 pattern work, KAVX and C35 are my favor airports for that.
For regional airplanes like Dash-8, I would go for LOWI and KPSP to force myself concentrate more…🛬😅🛫
BTW, they all have beautiful sceneries⛰🌴

LPMA and L35 are my go to’s. Both have amazing scenery, and they both have somewhat challenging approaches (either that or I’m doing everything wrong). I would recommend using an a320 for LPMA, and a CCX for L35.

LPMA = Madeira
L35 = Big Bear City
Just FWI…

Adding everything submitted to a map:


Here are a few I’ve selected. Most of these are GA fields, and definitely won’t be known. These all have some incredible scenery, making them good for VFR flying as well as patterns. Hope you enjoy :)

While the scenery might be a bit Minecraft-esque, this airport is certainly the least known. It is right next to the ocean, which provides some nice scenery. The valley of the island makes it a bit of a tricky airport to use.image

This airport is one I’ve picked more for it’s scenery. The ice caps are absolutely stunning in this hidden gem. Had a lot of fun here doing some VFR flying as well as pattern work. The airport also experiences some heavy winds from time to time, so it’s pretty good for grinding out xp.image

General Dick Stout Field is what one may consider a typical Utah GA field at first glance. This airport, however, is located next to many mountains and has stunning views of Zion National Park.image
(Yes, the crop circle is there on purpose ;) )

Last, but certainly not least, is this little airport hat essentially encompasses all of New Zealand. Situated next to mountains while still having panoramic sea views, the winds at this airport provide a nice challenge and also allow for some serious xp gain.image


Lol KIOW happens to be my home airport as well… only 10 minutes from it 😂

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KBHM. Great crossing runways and generally light winds

Anywhere but the busiest FNF field with a line of 50 inbound all on the same airway.


I usually just look to see if there is an IFATC open without any aircraft, although I will definetely try some of your suggestions. The airport in the Pacific looked interesting!

I thought I would mention this here.

Every Saturday, me and some friends of mine will run ATC at an airport, and let people do patterns there for an hour. We would love to see you tomorrow or at one of our Saturday Night Pattern events.

Saturday Night Patterns @ KILN - 140300ZJAN18

I second Jackson Hole! Also, KTEX is pretty scenic; short upwind because of the mountains, though.


Located in the beautiful Maldives, this one won’t disappoint! It has stunning (HD!) scenery to admire while you do your patterns. If you prefer doing your patterns in a jet, you’re in luck, the runway is over 10,000 feet.

Go there yourself to truly experience it.

It would have been better if you took pictures during daytime

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Oh cool I’m doing my patterns at St. Barth’s. Really cool and easy approach over the street waving to some people. I always do it with my fully loaded A380. If you want some extra fun simulate a total engine failure of all four.

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Well I think it’s time for an update…
KSEZ is today’s first stop. One of the most interesting airports featured here features some of the most iconic land features, so you won’t get bored while doing patterns here. Sunsets/rises over Cathedral Rock are some of my favorites to view.
Now it might not be Lukla, but VNLD is a beautiful airport and has a challenging approach for anyone to try.
LICD features some great Mediterranean views providing a scenic (and sometimes windy) airport for some casual patterns.
Now I know the scenery isn’t great, but will the fact that KDDC is the windiest place in America change your mind? Great for grinding out xp, Dodge City, Kansas is a small, unknown windy place in America.image
SCCI features some great views, and is also a windy, touristy South America spot, it has a nice long set of runways for some quick turns in 208s


Accidentally posted 😂. Fixed now.

Oh. Something stopped you. Now I understand. Thanks!

Smooth Skies (and Landings),

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Will be doing some patterns at VNLD now actually, 25 is runway in use

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I use KABE(local to me) to try to keep my landing count up. Its intersecting runways make for a quick rack up of landings.
Otherwise, for whatever reason i always find myself doing laps at TFFJ in a 208

Thanks for these, I may open my ATC tracking thread up at one of them later…