Suggested airport(s) for light to medium traffic

I like doing ATC, but I get overwhelmed easily at the larger busier airports. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for airports with light to medium traffic so I can eventually feel confident at the larger airports.

I usually go for KTPA, but I want to keep other options open.

Give KBDL a try. It’s a nice medium-size airport that has a very straight-forward layout.


Well traffic does also depend on the times and where atc is open so this is complicated…

What you can do is go to popular airports and see how many planes there are. If there are too many, go somewhere else… It’s useless to go to your tiny local airport, as there will be virtually no one. For example I sometimes want to do lsgg, but there’s nearly no one.


I’d suggest KSFO as it has a good layout and a medium traffic on TS1. On weekends it gets busy but on the weekdays its good.

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Sounds good for trial by error. I suppose a better question would have been suggested regions instead of airports.

I suppose. I have to say I’m struggling to think of an airport. The problem is or it’s very crowded like egll or it’s empty.
Here’s a list that isn’t too bad:


Those are a few that aren’t too crowded depending on the time of day.

Jakarta (WIII) or Bangkok (VTBS) usually have a medium traffic. Not too busy but it isn’t empty. Good for practicing imo

Try VIDP (Indira Gandhi International, New Delhi, India). It has a lot of international long haul routes (IRL) and you can expect me to do some patterns there if and when you open 😉

KFLL is a nice one as well. Also try making a tracking post of where you open and then people will come fly patterns if there free and give some feedback


I suggest KEWR. There are two parallel runways that you can use… one for departures and one for arrivals. If KJFK is too busy you will get a little bit of traffic, but not overwhelming. :)

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KDEN is good for light traffic.

id suggest you do EHAM or LFPG, both are busy but not too busy

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I recommend airports such as San Diego, DC, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Salt lake City, Seattle… Basically the international airports that don’t get as much traffic as LAX or JFK.

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I would suggest either KDEN (Denver) or KCOS (Colorado Springs)

KCOS will usually be no one there except me.

I get on there here and there usually doing a flight from COS to DEN and then do a long haul flight in another aircraft.

I would suggest TNCM or TJSJ in the Caribbean as the layouts are great, the scenery is great, and people love to fly out/in to there… I would suggest staying open for 2+ hours and you will get a fair amount of traffic (Also announce on IFC as we love to help get more traffic to your airport!)

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KBDL is a amazing airport controlling it now

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Indeed it is! It’s my home airport and was wonderfully edited by @Nathan. :)

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