Suggested 30-45 Minute Routes

Is that under 45mins

EGLL - EHAM (Heathrow - Schipnol) 👊🏻

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That is nice

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It’s a nice simple route and you can stay at the controls the whole time. I never do long haul and if i was a pilot I’d never do long haul I’m all about the departure and landing maybe more stressful but atleast I’m not sitting in a cockpit for 9 hours cruising 👊🏻

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Same here .

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Dm me bro I have a little event coming up I’d like to get into swing

Legend! I was looking for nice route from Gatwick, but i would never thought of Jersey as a destination. Cheeeeers!

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KSLC-KGJT. About 35 mins (in air) @250kts FL250. I have also done this IRL and that’s what it took and how high we were

Really I did it in 37 mins once

EGLL to Amsterdam

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I went 250k at fl250

What do you mean by 250k

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I was goeing 250 knots an hr
What speed were you because you were so quick

I was going M0.77 in a 739 at fl240, generated by simbrief, maybe I had a backwind? Ive been on this route irl and it took 42 minutes

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I had to do a 360 at egll and was in an airbus a320

So you did it the other way?(I think we’re going off topic)

I will PM you

maybe some island hopper routes in Hawaii

San Francisco- Sacremento

Here are some routes