Suggest me some routes!

Since my IF career is coming to an end soon, i still may have not discovered some great routes, i want some short, medium or long haul routes, tho i would recommend suggesting short ones, Thanks!

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Hey there, Hope you are ok!
A route? Okay , there is the information:

Aircraft: b777-300ER

Livery: British Airways

Flight time: 11hours or 12

Fl: 410

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The Ultimate Final Route is

Aircraft: B777-200lr

Flight time: 21.5 hours

This flight will be about maximizing fuel levels, don’t go too fast, and taxi on only one engine. It is the longest possible route without going in the opposite direction.

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Aircraft: B777-300ER
Livery: British Airways
Flight Time: 6 hours

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Thats some seriously long flight 😭


I recommend looking here. :)

Cheers! Have a good one!

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Hello :)

I suggest -
Dubai - Medina
Emirates B777-300ER
Flight time is usualy between 2:00/2:20

Have fun! :)

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