Suggest me an aircraft

Suggest me an aircraft that in your opinion has good performance, stability and let it be her twin engine…

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the a359 is a great one cause its brand new so everything is good


A350 is my choice

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Very Good!

Okay! Thanks!

I like the A320/21 because they have live cockpits and both have some pretty nice liveries.

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Very suggestion!😉😉

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Im gonna say the Boeing 777 family and the a350

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Thanks my friend!

And when the rework is done 🤩

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Dreamliner would be a viable too

Too many XWB in the server now…

Yes very suggestion my brother

Personally, I enjoy the 737-900.

A350. The newest, the prettiest…

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If you’re thinking shorter haul and for today, the 737-800 would be great. Some really nice American Airlines liveries and the Atlanta to Philadelphia service is a real route you can fly with IFATC today!


Oh beautiful aircraft!

Thanks for opition!

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Yes very beautiful!

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I would fly KEYW,KATL or MYEH-KATL,both quick fun flights! The 737-800 and CRJ 900

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Very good!