Suggest any Photo of Any Aircraft, I will modify it to look like drawing

Just to follow the the trend started by @A380-800fan
Just Post the Photo you want to get modified
For Example-
Image source

Into this-


Here’s one!

There is no point of doing this u just heave to buy an app

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It only takes 3 minutes to do it and the app is free

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Which app do you use?

Isn’t thier a topic for filtered and edited photos? Cause that’s what this is.

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I suggest PicsArt is Better

It is for infinite flight photos not real world

Ok but I think we should just stick with drawings

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Could not agree more. Drawings show effort and skill. This shows you know to click a button.


Haha I just wish I could draw as good as those pics LOL!

For @AppleOneGT

none of these look like a natural drawing.

They aren’t. They’re using apps.

i know that’s the point, there no use of sharing with others if it shows no skill or effort


Its called Prisma

It was the free app of the week and I used it to make my current profile pic

Tbh i see no point, i’ld rather people PM for this

Like they said, its effortless so its pointless



can you do this

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This topic just seems really messy