Suggest any Jetphotos photo, We'll copy it!

Thought I had an Idea inspired by @AlphaSeven s topic


Request format

Upon requesting please ask like this

@user can you please do this one?


Which one should I do?

  • Tigerair
  • Lufthansa

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By “copy” do you mean re-create the image in IF?

Yes like that!

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Oh thats a great idea for a topic then! I voted on the poll

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The reason the other one was closed was because it basically defeats the purpose of the category, read Matt’s post he made on the other one below.

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What could another category be used for it #general?

I would suggest contacting a moderator to see if this can be continued first.

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This sounds like an awesome topic! Even I could participate in this (with only certain planes and locations, of course).


Do we have this liverey in IF?

No we don’t.

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I really wish it was though that photo.

@Qantas094 Want this one done?

Why not then.

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I’ll get that done tonight for you!

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I’m willing to do some

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I can do 1 or 2, but be warned I’m an amateur

@Matt_Croatia001 any not too hard suggestions but whatever it is it will be 2d

Not sure why this was created since the reason we closed the other one was quite clear.