Suggest any Airline logo and I'll draw it

Hi there, For this thread you can tell me any airline and I will draw it’s logo.

Hope you enjoy this incredibly challenging task for me.


Dang I’m early… What about Etihad? That’d be awesome!

I know right and I’ll be doing that right now

Alright, where I live it’s night, and I’ll be heading off right now. I’ll check in the morning. Thanks for drawing it!

How about breeze airways🤔

Let’s try for Royal Brunei Airlines, I’d say simple yet challenging enough!

JetBlue please 321 neo logo

EVA maybe?

Emirates and Korean Air!

Here you go!

This is for you, the Breeze Airways logo drawing!

I am on the RB one now, wish me luck as this is the hardest one yet!

This is your request mate, hope you enjoy it!

Try Sri Lankan

ahahaha i didnt know this was a troll

No problem mate, I enjoyed drawing it.

AirFrance, or AirSERBIA

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Thanks mate😏😄👍

Give Air Canada a shot 😀

How about Oman Air or Gulf Air including the foreign font on top?

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