Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Lol I remember doing that one a while back. I’ll do it again if nobody picks it up

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alright got u

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I’m down to draw it! if @Toukaneki let’s me have it!
would you prefer that picture or another is fine?

All yours! Can’t wait to see it!

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that picture please and thank you

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hello what do you think?😬😄


What should I draw guys?

No color is fine! Thank you for making it!

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An A380 with a cat face livery on the nose. So its a catplane

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Northwest airlines 744 bowling shoe livery, with color please.


Here is three British Airways ethnic liveries + the current livery that i have drawn.

Chelsea Rose


Water Dreaming

Union Flag, current one


Those are gorgeous! Great job!

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Thanks. They took me some time, but i think it was worth it😅

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Here’s a random guide on how to breakdown airplanes from certain angles. I have nothing to do lol


download (4)
You should do the Lufthansa a340 old livery

those are great

the air calin livery is beautiful.

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