Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

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  • British Airways A319
  • United Airlines A319 (new)
  • United 737-800 (old)
  • Comair 737-800

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I’m a sucker for the Evo Blue livery so…

A small low effort drawing of mine, partially inspired by @Brandon_Millburg’s drawing (they did this one a while ago)
Took me about 4 hours to complete
I expected it to be better. A bit disappointed by this one.


Emirates Airlines. My home country!! But it’s ran by Dubai while Etihad Airlines are ran by Abu Dhabi.

AMAZING! How do you draw so accurately?

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its american eagle
cool drawing

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I really need to start drawing again…

I’ll be back this evening with something cool, pinky promise.

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My computer is touch screen, and I have quite a steady hand, which makes it much easier than using a mouse imo

soooo… I forgot that the tail on the evo blue livery fades into a brighter blue, and my drawing software can’t make fading colors, so its just going to be a solid blue, sorry.

Alrighty so After using @Xaro strategy of doing digital art here is what I got so far yes I know I’m no where near done and it already seems good right heheeheheh


Could someone please draw this. Sorry if I sound rude, I don’t mean to be.

And mine, but @Xaro was first

I drew this on procreate, today. Took me a few hours, but I think it turned out well. (I hope multiple aircraft is okay…)


@ClassicAirlinerLover needs to look at this

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WOW, multiple aircraft. You kidding yourself. It is amazing doooooo moooooorrrrreeeeee.

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Thank you!

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No worries

what do you use

Dang that is BEAUTIFUL

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Thank you so much!

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