Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

currently drawing a warbird

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I can also continue that if u want but let let me finish the warbird first

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Yeah yeah yeah do what you want.

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My progress so far


(TRACED) These A-10s going brrrrt, and yes, this was rushed.


Here’s my A220 Delta Air Lines gonna add color to it soon
The tail Looks bad because of the paper curving when I was taking the pic but not bad in my sight


Cool! Also, you should use a ruler and a reference image, then your drawings will be amazing!!

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THat’s what I always do

The ruler part or the reference image?

both anyways here it is colored

I tried my best with the windows but it looks good to me. The camera kind of messes up the way it looks which is why I don’t like taking pics and try and send it online.


Expect the Warbird soon as well

Could someone do Maybe a JAL 773, 789.763 doesn’t really matter.

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Give me a photo and Ill see If I can keep it on my What to do list

And if I do it digital or paper I have finals next week as well so it won’t come as soon

Another tracing cause why not

(Don’t mind the lumps of black XD I got lazy)


@Kirito_77 great to see drawings from you again

@bvv_19s those 2 are amazing, 😱

A lot more digital artists these days lol
great work to everyone who posted, this thread suddenly got active when i was offline lol


Does anyone have a retro suggestion? It doesn’t have to be a real retro airplane.

Can you draw a 727 any livery?

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Sorry, forgot to tell you that it has to be a modern airliner in a retro livery.

@CHUNGUSflys, the new Air Canada A220