Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I’ll have a go as well - gimme a few days.


Righto, to address the feedback I have received on this thread:

Firstly thank you to everyone that has supported and participated in the new thread, I do really appreciate it. Nothing is more rewarding than people appreciating your hard work

Now, to address the various criticism. I have taken out the rule revolving around posting images to ask for various angles. In hindsight, this is probably a better idea to have it out in the thread for everyone to see, and sometimes it’s also good to get a public opinion on which particular aircraft should be drawn. I was wrong, my apologies.

However in regards to the other 2 rules, I had discussed this at length with many people and also @DeerCrusher before I finalised the thread, and whilst you may complain it’s in the pursuit of tidiness, it has a purpose.
The old thread was cluttered with people saying “I’m taking requests” or “give me an aircraft to draw”, when if you scrolled up about 20 posts you would see many people had requested aircraft, but either been ignored or rejected.

Nobody here is bound by a rule that they have to draw a suggested aircraft, in fact the aircraft you draw don’t have to be requested at all. I know many people on the old thread didn’t participate in request and simple did sketching in their free time, myself included on many occasions.

And the whole “you beat me to it” or “I was going to make this thread” comments are irrelevant. This was never a competition to see who could get there first, and lots of people with little or no contribution to the old thread in particular. I’d already spoken to deer well before the old one closed about sorting a new one so that it could be made to a higher standard.

I’m always happy to listen to your criticism and I do listen to and appreciate each and every comment whether positive or negative, this is a community effort and I’m human after all: we all make mistakes.

Onwards from here, let’s have a fresh start and continue as planned.


Great, thanks for addressing this.

So by this does it mean the we are allowed to have polls?


If anyone is interested, I’m doing a BA 787 and possibly an AA B777.

Not sure where I got these tbh


Yeah sure, go ahead with the polls, however in my typical fashion, I’d prefer if it’s a poll as to what angle you draw as opposed to which request (it can be unfair to people that have requested an aircraft).


@anon24319801 I would love to see you do the American 777!


Anyone want to do a Indigo A320neo? To switch it up a bit


I’ll give it a go.


So finally I have finished the Ethiopian A350 for @N801VP. I’m sorry about the bad quality this really is quite bad tbh but here you are:

Once again I’m sorry for the bad quality.

On a other note, thanks to Deer for allowing this thread to continue and thanks to @Dan_77 for posting and improving this new thread 🙂. I will try to contribute as much as I can and my next drawing will (hopefully) be a lot better than this one 😊


@Aero your polish independence Boeing 787

(I saw the icelandair request @November-Kilo16 I won’t be able to do the northern lights livery but the normal one is on its way 😜 )


Need B737 Suggestions!


I didn’t request it but looks great otherwise, waiting for the Iceland air 757!

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U should make a YT channel with a tutorial 🤣👊🏽👍🤩🤩🤩

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I had thought of doing this in the past, but I don’t have very good facilities (i.e I draw most of my images on a big notepad on my lap) but I’m also not particularly comfortable appearing on video’s… I might make my own step by step that I could post here 🤷

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Oh ik man I have a YT channel and it’s hard trust me but u can just angle the camera in the paper and not on your face but hay I love ur drawing


@Dan_77 i love it, thanks!


can someone draw this please and thanks u


Looks great!!!


I want to get a Air China Star Alliance A 350

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@AviatorGamerYT: I’ll try it, cool angle but it’ll be a few days.

@XuanyanYe it’s on my list, but could take up to a week.

My list:

  • Indigo a320Neo - 2 days
  • The Delta plane that @AviatorGamerYT suggested - 2/3 days
  • The Air China Star Alliance A350 - 5 days