Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

This is for @Aviation-21, I even colored it
And please forgive me about the nose… I tried my best


I challenge someone to draw me a TAP Portugal A330 Neo

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All of my best drawings are on lined paper 😒

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When I find them I will show my drawings that I have already done

that Aer Lingus A320 drawing looks really good, I like it.

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hehe, I’ve seen this drawing before, I really like the reflection on the wing and horizontal stabilizer.


Thanks, this is one of my older ones so its not as good, and I used paper that I should not have 😂

Wow that’s holy

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Thanks for drawing it bro. It is cool. I like it👍

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Anyone want a special livery?

  • Tennesse One
  • Illinois One
  • RAM First 787-9
  • British Airways Landor 747

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Seems like y’all wanted a Landor 744, I’ll give you a Landor 744.

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That looks great thanks for doing it 😀

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That is AMAZING!!!


Yeah, sure thing.

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Thanks, man! Although I kinda want to see @Captain_Merka’s fish.be10303b-10b6-4558-b69b-4f3baec2a594-324e5732-6f8d-4ce0-805b-07228694aaf8-v1


Cool livery, but the small pictures would just look like big blobs if one tried to color them with colored pencils… unless someone has mechanical pencils…

I never finished it…

Aw, shucks.

INKredible!! (sorry, I just had to…)

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My pencils are very dodgy I know.