Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Any other request @Captain_Merka

@MJP_27 Wanna do a jetBlue A320 for me?

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Sure which livery

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Uhhh…how about the Highrise one?

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Sure I will do that tomorrow

@AviatorJack I hope you like it.


Someone suggest me something as a first timer, something not too difficult.

How about @A320TheAirliner’s profile photo?

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Speaking of the Bangkok Airways A320 drawing in my profile image, I completed that drawing back in March 2019, though i started drawing it sometime back in late 2018, it took so long because i didn’t have the time and motivation to work on it back then.

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Here’s the full drawing of the aforementioned Bangkok Airways A320!!


I could try…

Ok sure sure

Wow that’s really nice aswell thanks so much 😀✈☘

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Are you sure that’s a drawing!? It looks more like a photo to me! Stunning!

Would anyone like to draw this? I took it myself


Hahaha Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it! I simply put a lot of work and effort into it.

The Flying Honu took some time. Hope you like it!

I’ll give @Brisbane_Aviator’s submission a shot. I’ll try and give a lot of detail.


Nice, I think shading under the fuselage and the wing could use some work though, maybe try making it smoother with less clear lines on the shaded areas, but still, you did a good job on it, Keep it up.


Doesn’t help the fact that I don’t exactly have proper sketching pencils as well as colouring pencils that aren’t dodgy lol.

@Brisbane_Aviator Just for you :)

Ignore that splotch on the left please xd