Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Looks like you were in a hurry😂
But it also looks nice😄👍, good job

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Thanks @Captain_Merka!

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@Tsumia Haha well a piece of paper folded in half works fine as well.

Sure. Working on it for you currently.

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Amazing drawing

@Captain_Merka here is your Lufthansa A340! I hope you like it!


That’s really good. Have you considered using a ruler?


Yeah I tried to use the ruler but it didn’t work out for me

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I’ve decided a couple hours ago on an ANA A380. I’ve started it and I’ll finish it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Thunderbolt35’s Current Queue

  1. Air Canada A220

Will take two more requests, hopefully will be done by Friday

I’d love to see Tortuga One

I am working on one right now.


Sorry, I don’t do turboprops.

Hm. A SATA A310 you could do?

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Sure! I’ll do my best!

@Tsumia Could you send me a picture?

Could you draw the Boeing 737 MAX?

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Sure, what livery?

Anyone have something that I could draw

Are you up for a challenge?

Probably not LOL