Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I would love to see someone draw the Formula 1 Etihad A340 Livery!

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Send the angle and I’ll try it. It won’t be amazing. But I’ll try my best.

I like this angle. Can’t wait to see the final product!

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Next Project

  • jetBlue A320
  • Southwest 737
  • Air Canada A220
  • Delta 737
  • Other (Let me know)

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This is the tail improved version:

So, I’m going to try to finish it by tonight. Any tips or something?


So here’s an Air Baltic 735 no one ever asked for…


Sorry, will finish it tomorrow :(
But I finished the wing :)

We’ll see how I’ll add the nose


Anyone have request for me to draw

I made one a while ago…

I’ll certainly see what I can do.

Hello, drawers of IFC I want to get into drawing planes and I need some tips.

First I found some drawing pencils at Staples for like $10 so they are not super quality but they should work. The pencils I have are; 3H, 4H, 3B, B, 2B, H, HB, 4B, 2H, and 5B. What pencils do I use for drawing and shading?

Second, how do you guys get the angels so good? @AlphaSeven drawings are amazing (so are the rest of yours) but he has amazing angels, like the nose angel and the way the aircraft are positioned on the paper.

Thanks, Pertonics

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In terms of pencils, I only use 2B, 2H, and HB.

If you look at my drawings, as above, you can see that my cockpits are a bit inverted compared to the rest of the plane. You can always try tracing to get the feel of it. You can also look at BravoCharlie’s tutorial.

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Witch ones for shading is the best?

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I tend to do the entire plane in 2H, then color/shade/outline with HB, then use 2B when needed. I will occasionally tap into darker pencils if needed.

To answer your question, I shade almost entirely with 2H, and a little with HB, however I tend to draw on the lighter side.

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Ok, thanks.

Sure! Anytime. I also draw a lot with mechanical pencils, because it’s easier. I don’t post most of those drawings.

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Anyone have any request that I can do

Wanna try a Lufthansa Star Alliance A340?

Photo credit: Me!


I will do that tomorrow

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With that photo do you want

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