Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

wing: t h i c c

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yes lol

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i did like how you experimented with the ground items though!

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Thank you :D

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also please comment :)

My newest work is done! Guess the operator of this 747 with RB211 engines :)

Hint: Not British Airways


cool drawing 🤠🤠

does it happen to be cathay pacific?

Thanks. However no. Cathay used to operate the RB211 but the color of the engines was much brighter

is there a place where you get these images from

ohh okay

my nest guess is quantas but it might be too dark?

Haha I get the angles from IF


Nope…too dark for Qantas. Those used to be gray

That’s legit Cathay Pacific-

It is indeed, but I only used for the angle. You can clearly see the big difference ;)

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WOAH how awesome! I LOOOVE the shading!!

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he is the legit god of drawing here

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No question he is the best!!! @AlphaSeven did you use coal for this or 9B graphite?

i can say that im one of the best digital drawers in this thread

(not to brag)


And how did you make this texture? I want to try it too!

Did you trace tho? :P