Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip ;)


How’s mine going?

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Hey everyone, need your opinions on this.

Do you think I should add the heart in the background or leave it plain? The heart would be in colour.

  1. Plain

  1. With heart

  • Add the heart!
  • Leave it plain

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Thanks for voting! I’ve finished the sketches.

Time taken so far: 2 hours


Looks very nice👍

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Thanks man! Make sure to vote ;D

Ukrainian International Airlines B737-800 UR-PSR, the aircraft involved in the the unfortunate crash in Iran.

RIP all victims, and my condolences to all families and friends affected. So, as a tribute I made this drawing.

Time taken: 6 hours

(I have decided not to add the heart)


Any B787 suggestions?

If anyone could do the Turkish A333 that would be awesome

(@AlphaSeven if you’re looking for B787 suggestions do the Turkish 789 :) )

That is amazing. 🤩

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Eva 78x
Air NZ 789
Qantas centenary 789
Royal Brunei 788
Jetstar 788
Air china 788
BA 789
Singapore 78x or -9
Etihad 789


I’ll do the Air China 787.

But Do you have another list of 787 you’d like? I might want to do another livery.

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Do you want to do the ANA 787-8? @AlphaSeven

How about the Turkish 789

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I have seen your previous reply.

I don’t really like the Turkish livery on the 787. Do you have any other liveries in mind?

hmm, the new united livery?

Not a fan of it :)

lets do a classic one,


Haha done that before 😅

Still waiting for my BOAC 707 @AlphaSeven

Here it is