Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

SAS A350? Maybe

I would love to see a CAP 172, but I know how unlikely that is.

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Yes! I love that livery. Consider it done within a few days 👍😉


Working on a project for New Year’s Eve

1 plane down, 2 to go!

Time taken so far: 6 hours


I got a new drawing set! It’s got a lot of pencils and even charcoal

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Finally finished after 8:30 hours! This is probably my favourite drawing. Made it for my uncle.

Sorry for the bad lighting :)


Any suggestions guys?

I’m working on the CAP 172, so I am open for one more suggestion! Any private jets or older Embraer like the 145 or 120 would be appreciated!

As for the 120
AirNorth (Aus)- my preference

Airlink 145 sounds good! I’ll do it soon

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TAROM A318? That would be awesome

You wanna use a picture I took myself? It a funky angle, but it’d be a cool challenge for you.

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I’ve started already :) Can I see the pic though?

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It needs the cockpit at least

Any suggestions! I’m finally back!

Is anyone drawing a BOAC 747?
If not…


Take note they are REAL BOAC 747-100s, but if anyone is doing the retro -400 it is also fine for me

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Any 707 suggestions?

Pan Am 707?

Back with my BOACs

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Credit: Kees Marijs

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