Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

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whats this @Aviation-21

I’m not sure what you mean but if you’re talking about @Captain_Merka s drawing then it’s the rear gear only the nose gear was missing.

Any one up for a Connie?


I’m back drawing again

If you know what aircraft (not so hard) and livery (very hard) you decide what I’m gonna draw next.


If you guessed an Atlas Air 747, then boy oh boy, ive got good news for you.
You can decide then what aircraft I should draw and I don’t care what aircraft/livery


I have a question I think there was a thread wich says Design your own Airline what happened to that thread does it exist or not.

Here’s a better picture of the Atlas Air 747-400F


Air New Zealand B747-200 for @Brisbane_Aviator! Fresh from the oven 😉

Time taken: 5:30 hours


You cook paper? Cool drawing anyways!


I don’t think he meant litteraly out of the oven xD. I think he just means he just finished it.

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Can you write an ANA 767-300 ?

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What about the Transavia 737?

You got whoooooshed. It was a joke lol

r/woosh sry had to do it to ya

Wrong thread! 🤦‍♂️

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk I believe I am doing the LOT Q400 for you right!? Sorry for taking soo long it will still take a while as I’m quite busy at the moment.

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@Aviation-21 That’s fine. Looking forward!

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Haven’t drawn in a while as I was busy studying for my math exam which passed yesterday.

For anyone of you wondering, I did really great!

Anyways, Any A330 suggestions?. I know this is not allowed so apologies for this.

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How about a Eurowings A330? You can do D- or OO- reg cuz they both exist.

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