Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

This is my first post on this topic, hope it’s good enough to fit here !!!
Boeing 707 Air Vietnam


WOW! That is impressive! Looks amazing!

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Wow! 2 main things to improve: the engine (I feel there’s too much by-pass) Or are you a PW worker or what and that’s a brand new engine with ultra-secret tech? and the tail, I feel the leading board is too tilted (looks like an IL-86 tail). Other than that beautiful!

I felt the same thing ! I hope i can improve it in my next drawings !

Welcome to the plane drawing thread!

the size of frontal section of the JT3D engine nacelle is alright but I think the rear/nozzle section of the engine is too short and too small.

But overall, I think this drawing looks great! Keep up the good work!


This is my first post and real attempt at drawing a plane. It’s a piper cub. All feedback is appreciated.


Not bad for a first. Of course needs a lot more improvement, but not bad. Excited to see more. Big tip: Take your time and DON’T RUSH! The best drawings cough cough @A320TheAirliner cough cough take hours, maybe even days to be done.

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Thank you. I didnt have much time so I did it in 45 mins. I’ll take those tips into account.

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My drawings take about 1h-1h30min. I personally think they are, uhh… right between a rushed drawing and an art work (@A320TheAirliner or @AlphaSeven level) .

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What should I draw next?

  • Aer Lingus A321NEO
  • Volotea A319

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@Alex_Kraz you know what to vote for

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Imma do the airplanes, the background is gonna be too difficult :)

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I know nobody requested this and this isn’t quite related, but I came across this drawing from 5 years ago when I was 8. This was before the Avro was retired.



An old drawing from 2017

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A350 maybe?

He is suspended😬


That looks quite good! I like how you drew the whole background :)

@MrAirplaneGeek My past self thanks you for your kind words!

My current “work in progress” :
Thai Airways “50th Anniversary” Boeing 747-400
Time taken so far: “2 hours”