Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

No it’s either an A310 or A300

Right, just to clear up the debate, the aircraft is a DHL Airbus A300 freight conversion. I don’t know the registration unfortunately.

Yeah look closely at the cockpit windows as well definitely an A300 like @Dan_77 said

Drew this a couple of days ago. It’s an Elite Airways Bombardier CL-604 corporate jet (not for charter).

This was drawn during work.


Your drawings so cool! Are you taking requests?

Did this quick one before I had to leave,
@AlphaSeven how is the Transavia 737 coming along?

This one is not good,
I am open to requests


Ummm, could you draw the ‘KLM 100’ livery?

Airbus A318 ACJ Misha Livery

@Jeremy351 show me a picture


Ok Will try to get both done

Ok I was flagged 👌, but any requests? I can get any Qantas Aircraft :)

Qantas 707? @Kamryn

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I gotchu, I’ll do it by 9PM PDT. :)

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Here you are :) kinda up on the landing gear and “Australia’s Overseas Airline” part


If you want to sign up for my drawing competition, do so please! All are welcome!

Looks amazing!

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Monthly drawing poll is live now folks. Apologies if you don’t see a particular favourite drawing on this list, these are mostly ones grabbed since the creation of the thread. Voting closes in one week. remember, it’s not a full blown competition, just for a new header image on the thread 😜 You get 2 votes, please remember this isnt just about the most detailed drawings. but about the effort and learning that went into them.
Good Luck!


That is soooooo cute!! I love it! It’s amazing

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Here’s a Choice for you Guys 🙂 Closes today at 3PM PDT

  • United 737-800 (New Livery)
  • Westjet Q-400
  • Qantas 787-9 (100 Years)

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