Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Give me whatever you have, perhaps a list, so that others get an idea!

I would love to see the livery on my profile card.

Sure specify a picture please

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This one would be cool.

Expect it soon!

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Done that before if you like it:


The A320 United airlines.

Lol, @AlphaSeven can look in the future😂

I’ve been absent a while, but here you go. My latest.


Can you draw this Air Albania A319?I think its a beatiful livery!

I’m also probably going to be doing an Air Serbia A330. So if anyone would like one please show me a picture!

That’s absolutely awesome 😎

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I will because the Q400 has already been done

Welcome back @Brandon_Millburg! As always (I’ve looked through ur past ones), that drawing looks so realistic!

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Wow that’s not a photo!

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I’m Open for any old aircraft like MD-11, DC-10, L-1011, etc.

I haven’t seen an L-1011 yet, maybe the Pan-Am livery?

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Sounds good man! Will have it finished within a few days :)

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Alright, thank you.

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Hmm how about an old Russian aircraft?