Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Alright 👍.

ok, so… yeah…
i started all over again because that one didnt really work out… the details i tried to make there were too small for an A4. so I’m now doing it on an A3.

which means that the drawing will be kind of bigger, so i can try and add more details
(i hope you will like the end result) but since that being said, i will finish it tomorrow
thank you for reading :)

Please Draw Kuwait Airways B777-300ER!


Sure, I’ve got a couple of other requests on the go currently, I’ll get to it as soon as I’m finished .

Please goes a long way too 😜


Air Italy 737

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@Brisbane_Aviator here is the QantasLink 717:

Hope you like it 😉


I made a draft of the Fiji A330, I then realized that the complexity of the design on the tail and engine is very hard, and is not within my skill level, and the draft is not worth being posted, however I will still be doing a Air Baltic A220, if anyone has any other requests, I am open.

That’s alright, thanks for trying though.

I’m finally back and less busy! Let me know if you want any planes!


The nose looked a little off 🤔


post from the start
wheres the wiki?

If you read through the post properly, you’ll see it’s currently number 2 out of 386 posts 😘

You however cannot edit it. I’ll sort it out tonight, I’ve been quite busy for the last few days

Edit: @Aviation-21 I’m going to add all of your drawings later today, I’ve just been quite busy recently and nobody else has updated it. Don’t worry, I’ll have everyone’s work added to it 🙂

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@Dan_77 do you add the first drawing each month? Or the second one? Because I have done two (Ethiopian A350 and Qantas 717). I might have missed something though. Please lmk because if possible I prefer the Qantas 717 to the Ethiopian A350 😉

HEY can u make a doodle style American 737 for me plz

I’ll see! Doddle style isn’t my main style as I just did that one for fun.

it looks so good tho thats why I would like to see more

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What about Me?

anyone want anything drawn? Request any so that other get an idea of what to draw too!!

You up for a challenge or an easier one?

Give me whatever you have, perhaps a list, so that others get an idea!

I would love to see the livery on my profile card.