Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I was going to, but I can’t seem to find the exact angle I want to do.

Any other European B737 suggestions?

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Any of theseimage image image

That last one is the angle I want but I want a full picture

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Ok I’ll get that for you

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What about my Tailwind 734 suggestion, if you want a different angle I can search one when I get home.


Just finished this Doodle-like style Air Serbia A319! Thoughts and opinions?

The original shape of the A320 is not mine. It’s based of this: Credits


How about this angle @AlphaSeven?image

Any European B737 suggestions guys? I’ve taken a look at all the suggestions above already.

Transavia 737, Ukraine International 737

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Transavia sounds good! Expect it within 1-2 days :) I’ll be doing this:

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Cool! Can’t wait

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My dearest @Franna.
Tomorrow, I’ll try to finish your drawing on Friday (tomorrow)

This is what it kinda looks like now. If you want to add anything or don’t like it, please tell me :)


Are you still going to do the Fiji Airways or not?

Yeah expect it this weekend

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Alright 👍.

ok, so… yeah…
i started all over again because that one didnt really work out… the details i tried to make there were too small for an A4. so I’m now doing it on an A3.

which means that the drawing will be kind of bigger, so i can try and add more details
(i hope you will like the end result) but since that being said, i will finish it tomorrow
thank you for reading :)

Please Draw Kuwait Airways B777-300ER!


Sure, I’ve got a couple of other requests on the go currently, I’ll get to it as soon as I’m finished .

Please goes a long way too 😜


Air Italy 737

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@Brisbane_Aviator here is the QantasLink 717:

Hope you like it 😉